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Samahan is a product derived from the formula that springs from a system of medicine practiced in Sri Lanka, since very ancient times and known as the "Deshiya System". This system combines the influences of several systems of medicine, known throughout our region, and which our small island country with its natural placement on the direct sea routes of the world, have over centuries been privy to. These influences come from the ubiquitous Ayurveda, the Unani System which originates in ancient Persia and developed into what is known as the Greco-Arabic system, the Siddha system which was prevalent in the South of India, as well as the vast Chinese system of medicine.

Samahan has a pedigree that harmonizes the best of the systems of medicine that have dominantly influenced this part of the world. One common factor is that all of these systems regard treatment in a holistic fashion that is treating the entire body system and not merely the disease symptoms. They also
regard disease as related to a disturbance of the systems that are in balance in a healthy individual and treatment is related to restoring of this inherent balance.

So the philosophy is almost the same within each of the systems. Within the Sri Lankan Deshiya system, is the treatment for virus related diseases such as influenza, which takes the form of a decoction of several herbs and known as Peyawa. This decoction is the commonest treatment for fever caused by viruses, and has been in use for many centuries. Its mode of action is now believed to exist on account of the several plants within its formula, which are recognized by modern researchers to contain immune-stimulating agents.

The product is derived from the same array of plants, but instead of the decoction of old; we present the same remedy in a modern form to fulfil the needs of the consumer of to day. This form as you will see, has many advantages that have full consumer acceptance. It is a very enjoyable drink with a very pleasant taste and aroma, which brings quick soothing relief. Its conveniently water soluble, and acceptable to the consumer to be drunk in any warm liquid medium like tea, coffee, or milk in addition to water. Samahan serves as a prophylactic as well in regard to virus related disorders in view of its profound effects in stimulating the body's own immune system, with out any side effects such as drowsiness or loss of appetite.


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